Montana proposal to expand bison range beyond Yellowstone National Park met with bid to help landowners      

Groups said they will reimburse 50% of the cost (up to $1,000 per landowner) for purchasing and installing fencing to keep bison off private property where landowners do not want them in the Gardiner and Hebgen Basins.

Yellowstone wolf/elk study highlights predator/prey behavior      

In areas with particularly high wolf predation risk, individual elk encountered wolves infrequently, limiting the potential cumulative effects of wolves on elk behavior.

USGS: Some Rocky Mountain regions warming 1.8 times the global average; species adapting, becoming vulnerable      

Climate change in Yellowstone, said USGS, causes food plants to leaf out earlier in the year, potentially affecting migratory animals in search of forage plants ripe for eating.

Challenge to BLM coal lease in Wyoming's Powder River Basin rejected by federal court      

The decision comes after an analysis found that the BLM's coal leasing program results in a large subsidy to the coal industry by providing coal at bargain prices with minimal oversight.

Cracks in Mesa Verde National Park's Cliff Palace threaten structure; workers shore up iconic kiva      

The centerpiece of Mesa Verde National Park, Cliff Palace was discovered in the late 1800s. Park archaeologists noticed a small crack in the masonry and then discovered the north wall was leaning precariously into the structure.

Colorado extreme rain, snow events rise 25% from 1948: ECRPC      

Based on an analysis of state data from the National Climatic Data Center, the ECRPC report found that heavy rain and snowstorms now occur in Colorado every 9.6 months on average, instead of once every 12 months on average.

Wilderness study area in Gallatin Mountain Range near Yellowstone National Park declared snowmobile-free      

Wilderness values win out over snowmobiles in the Gallatin Range.

UW project to model hydrology, water resources for Colorado River Basin communities      

With the help of a supercomputer, UW hopes to model water resources in the Colorado River Basin, helping balance growth with the needs of downstream users.

Researchers studying High Park Fire's effect on mercury levels in Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins      

Scientists are measuring mercury levels in a reservoir near Fort Collins to determine the impact of the High Park Fire.

Rocky Mountain National Park alpine ecosystems altered by nitrogen pollution: CU study      

Nitrogen pollution from cars, power plants and agriculture is affecting remote areas of Rocky Mountain National Park.